It is always fun to get together with family and friends and play board games or a friendly game of cards, especially on a rainy day, or even during the holidays. I remember when there was always a good spades tournament going on somewhere in Buffalo. Playing games with family and friends can be fun, but as we all know, they can also cause a lot of family fights and controversy. We all have someone that we know who doesn't like to lose, which causes them to do anything to win, even if that means cheating. In some households, it's no big deal, in fact, the cheater is usually called out on it, and it's handled in a calm and friendly manner. There have been times when things like this have not gone so well, because of pride in some cases, but mainly because of alcohol, these games can get out of control.

Top Five Games That Are Rarely Played Fair

No matter how hard you try to play friendly and fair, these five games are most likely going to start some kind of argument at some point during the game. I have played these games with little kids, and it still wasn't totally friendly. I think the reason for the controversy and fights are, you will be amazed at the number of people that make up their own rules for the games that are being played, even though, the game came with its own rules that are supposed to be followed.

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