No matter which era you grew up in, there were great memories. Recently, I talked on-air about things like TV shows, cartoon's or old sayings that adults grew up on that would relate to or help our youth of today. All the comments that came in were great and they sparked a lot of great memories, from everything like the "Fat Albert" cartoon, which taught us many things like, to be kind to each other and how to solve problems. Another great TV show that was brought up was the "Cosby Show", which taught many life lessons and family values.

Why Are So Many Things From Back In Day So Important Today?

One of the great things that came up when I asked this question was the quote "It takes a village to raise a child". This was important back in the day because, everyone in the neighborhood could look after a kid and tell them when they were wrong, and in some cases, put their hands on them if that was what was needed. Now, because of many reasons, that is no longer an option, in fact, many parents today have never and will never give their child a good old-school whopping if it was necessary. Honestly, I think I'm one of them too.

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In my opinion, it's always fun to reminisce about the fun things and great memories from back in the day, but anyone who had parents that stood by that street light rule knew, if you were not in the house by that time, it was real trouble for you.

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