Governor Cuomo's doubtful attitude towards whether Marijuana will become legal in NYS is not an indication that he's not in favor of legalization, as much as it is his being realistic about the possibilities.

According to News Reports, Cuomo said this in an interview on Rochester radio:

"The Senate said they supported it. The Senate said they had the votes. When they now say, 'We need the governor to come in to make this happen,' that's a different tune they're now singing."

Originally, marijuana was supposed to be legalized by April 1. According to the news.  Kathy Hochul remains hopeful saying this:

"We're gonna get it right. That's the beauty of what we do in New York. We didn't have to be first on this, but we have to be right," Hochul said. 

However, getting hung up on the details could be causing the delay.

"We have to prepare to ... make sure that we protect young people and the safety in our roads as well as making sure that we don't have a criminal justice system that continues to punish people and treat as a crime something that's completely legal in other states,"

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