So 50 Cent is back to his regular tactics being a bully and trying to break down folks careers. So rumor has it and according to 50 Cent twitter he made his way to Interscope looking to see French Montana face-to-face after their prior exchange of word’s after an interview that French Montana did with Check out what 50 Cent tweeted below:

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Check out what French Montana had to say

Could This be True? Cassie and Diddy are engaged?  Well I have always been on to practice persistence but this girl Cassie takes the award. According to Hello Beautiful Diddy baby mama Misa Hylton clearly started the rumor that Cassie and Diddy are engaged. During a interview with the “Rise And Grind Morning Show” in Philadelphia, one of the host asked Misa: ‘Are you affected by the fact that he’s marrying Cassie?;’ Misa replied: “No, I love Cassie. I like Cassie for him. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s really nice to him and to my son. And that’s all I can ask for.” Well well until the I do’s happen this could just be what it is….a rumor…I mean come on its Diddy! Only time will tell.

Well back to the reality shows... Starting November 19 at 9:30PM we ill be invited into the personal life of Hip-Hop star Game with his new reality show “Marrying The Game”  This new reality show will focus on the Game’s eight-year relationship with fiancée Tiffney Cambridge, who happens to be a 5th grade history teacher. We will get to see the insides of their homes, introduced to their two children and of course get to see the journey of there on again off again and then back on engagement. I’m not going to lie..I will check in for the first show and then from there who knows…Will you be watching?

“Marrying The Game,” is set to debut on VH1 on November 19 at 9:30 PM.

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