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The Seattle Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman gives a new meaning to motivation!

Good News for the G.O.O.D music artist! Kanye's latest album, Yeezus has went to platinum status!



New Religion Alert! There is a new religion based on the principles of Kanye West!  "Yeezianity"  seems to be the new wave via the interview on VICE.com. Check out their “5 Pillars” of YEEZAINITY:

1. All things created must be for the good of all

2. No human being’s right to express themselves must ever be repressed

3. Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange

4. Man possesses the power to create everything he wants and needs

5. All human suffering exists to stimulate the creative powers of Man

Here’s The 411, get in the know with ADRI.V The Go Getta

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