Back in November Brandon Wilson of Buffalo was a United States Postal Service worker when he was found to have over seven hundred pieces of undelivered mail in his car at the Peace Bridge. According to WIVB Brandon pled guilty to a charge of delay or destruction of U.S Mail back in January. The maximum fine for this offense was one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Brandon Wilson gets a favorable sentence in my opinion, he will pay a total of $200.00. When Border Patrol agents stopped Brandon, he had his uniform and his ID badge, the mail that was found in Brandon's truck included three absentee ballots being sent to voters, 218 first-class mailings, 106 political mailings, and a slew of other mail.

The majority of the mail was addressed to residents in the 14215 zip code, some of the other zip codes included 14211, 14227, and 14214. When I first saw this story I was trying to figure out how this could happen. I think that if you are excited to get somewhere and you are young like Brandon, I can see how a young man can possibly decide to not finish his mail run. Brandon initially claimed that the mail belonged to him and his mom, but after being pressed he admitted to being a USPS postal carrier and kept the mail after he didn't finish his mail run.

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I think this fine is probably suitable for what actually happened, especially if there was no one really hurt in the matter.

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