Can you imagine working to be the best you can be as a student-athlete, only be sexually assaulted by a male team member because you identify yourself as being a Lesbian? That is what one plaintiff claims happened to her.

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Three former female members of the Canisius College track and cross-country teams have filed federal lawsuits against the school, the head coach, and other members as well. The plaintiffs recently filed a lawsuit, they claim that they were "irreparably harmed through discriminatory, harassing, negligent and illegal actions of the defendants". The suit alleges Nate Huckle, who is the head coach of the Canisius College track and cross-country teams harassed and promoted a hostile environment against lesbians.

One example explained by one of the plaintiffs is, male athletes on the teams would provide marijuana and alcohol to underage female athletes to take advantage of them once they were intoxicated. Also in the filling two of the plaintiffs said that they were in a same-sex relationship that coach Nate Huckle didn't approve of either which made things difficult for them.

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The lawsuit also alleges, back in 2016 a male member of the track team sexually assaulted one of the female members of the team in his on-campus dorm room after an off-campus party. The three plaintiffs' names are not mentioned in the suit, they are referred to as JD1, JD2, and JD3. I often wondered how women athletes that may be lesbians are treated in sports. I think this is a horrible situation, and I really hope there is a positive resolution.

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