January 6, 2021, will be a date that many people will remember for a long time, and a day that is sure to be written in the history books. Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S Capitol in hopes to stop the certification of the electoral college. According to WGRZ, Thomas Sibick of Buffalo is being charged with disorderly, assault, and other charges in connection to the riot in Washington.

Thomas Sibick is the second person from Western New York to face charges related to the U.S Capitol riot. Court documents say that Sibick was seen on body camera footage ripping the badge and radio from a D.C. police officer's vest when the officer was pulled into the crowd. Investigators say Thomas took the badge and actually buried it in his backyard here in Buffalo, the badge has now been returned to the authorities.

Attorney Pual Cambria is not connected to the case, but he recently explained how more and more text messages and cell phones play into more criminal cases each day and that could clearly be a factor in this case.

The next thing will be either his lawyers will plea bargain if they think there's overwhelming evidence, video evidence, etc., some of which we have seen, they may try to make the best of a bad situation and plea bargain.

said, Attorney Paul Cambria according to WGRZ

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In my opinion, I don't think a plea bargain is going to work in Thomas Sibick's favor just because of the video evidence that shows the crime.

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