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This week's Feature Friday artist is Kyria


Born Marcea Kyria Stephens in Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif., Kyria was virtually bred in the spotlight. When he was just two years old, Kyria would entertain himself (and others) during his mother’s shopping sprees by dancing for store patrons. With these spontaneous dance outbreaks growing in popularity, young Stephens began receiving invitations to perform in various amateur dance competitions, which he won.

Fast forward to 1999 -- Kyria buys his first keyboard at the age of 13, and, in true prodigy fashion, teaches himself how to tickle the ivories. It was at that moment that his love affair with making music began to take flight.

In 2000, Kyria joined up with Buffalo Christian group L.O.C. (“Locked On Christ”), producing beats and penning lyrics for the group. Ever seeking to enhance his craft, Kyria continually studies, increasing and expanding his knowledge of music theory. In 2006, Kyria began to pursue his solo career. With musical influences running the gamut from secular to spiritual, Kyria makes his sound relatable as he takes tosses experiences from all walks of all lives into a melting pot of musical magic.

“There’s just something about listening to a song [I wrote] for the first time,” says Kyria, when asked about the roots of his passion. “Everybody talks about love at first sight, but with me, it’s love at first sound. Everything is a song to me; every beat has a story that should be told.”

Now putting the finishing touches on his debut album The Dreamer, Kyria is ready to put his talents to the test. A musical maven who gets his fix by acting out his life experiences against an inspirational soundtrack, Kyria gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to live with Christ on tracks like "My All", where he shares the joy of his relationship with the Lord, set to the theme music of the dirty south, and "Shuffle/Pivot", where Kyria demonstrates that every saint is a sinner that has fallen, but can always get back up.

Kyria's newly released single "Frito Lay" has raised the anticipation of The Dreamer even the more. All the while, Kyria’s explosive stage presence and crossover potential makes his work relatable to the masses: No matter what genre is your favorite, you’ll always want to listen to Kyria.

Preacher; Producer; Rapper; Actor; Worship Leader. Kyria is the full package. With a song in his heart and a story on his lips, Kyria entered the arena destined to make a name for himself. His name itself means “king” or “lord,” and he is definitely proving himself to be musical royalty. Claiming his throne in the music game, Kyria keeps himself grounded by reminding himself that nothing he does would be possible without the grace of God.

Be sure to watch this young man’s throne, because he is sure to skyrocket to the highest heights of becoming a musical king.

Check out the single, "Frito Lay"!

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