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ADRI.V Takes The Video Music Awards 2019
The Video Music Awards are here and WBLK's ADRI.V is Live on location!  Kick-off your Monday, August 26, 2019, with ADRI.V as she goes live at the VMAs on the Red Carpet getting exclusive interviews with some of your favorite celebrities. Stream live with ADRI...
The 411 With ADRI.V on #TONSTM
Check out The 411 Monday-Thursday at 8:50PM on The Only Night Show That Matters as ADRI.V The Go Getta brings you The 411 the latest and greatest of entertainment news!
Beyonce is Just Honest!
Jay Z’s Barney store collection debuted to a lot of criticism, the collection racked ov…
The 411 With ADRI.V on #TONSTM
So the rapper the Game is on a Give Back Mission where he is looking give away $1 million dollars of his own money away before Christmas through The Robin Hood Project. Game has been documenting his charity on The Robin Hood Project Instagram page...
ADRI.V's The Go Getta Mix with DJ Queen Of Spades
Every month I featured a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix, and the month of August, the Featured DJ is DJ Queen Of Spades!
Check her out!
DJ Queen of Spades has always had a love affair with music.  While growing up in Toronto, Canada she explored her inner creativity through dance and dramatic arts wh…
The 411 With ADRI.V on #TONSTM
Hey, it’s me, ADRI.V The Go Getta, and every day, I will be giving you “The 411” on The Only Night Show That Matters with DJ Supreme!
What’s the 411, you Ask? Well, with the 411, we look to update and educate you on the latest and greatest i…
'Frito Lay'
Every Friday on The Go Getta Mix, we will feature an artist that is truly gifted, talented and working hard to turn their dreams into a reality -- a Go Getta!
26 Acts Of Kindness
Early this week the entire Townsquare Media stations including WBLK showed our support to the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Conn. at Sandy Hook elementary School and had the Buffalo community sign a card and we send it to them.  While at work one my co-worker introduced me to the 26 Acts …
Get In The Mix,The Master of the Mix DJ Compeition!
Screenshot Photo
Hey if you know a DJ or are a DJ and feel you got what it takes to Get In the Mix? Here is a great opportunity to test your skills!
"The application process for Season 3 of Master of the Mix airing on VH1 in Spring 2013...
ADRI.V The Go Getta Spotlights Taijay Williams
In today's society, every time you turn on the news, our young men and women, or African Americans period, are being portrayed in such a negative light.  Such imagery can make society view us as uneducated, wild and unprofessional people.
What’s sad is that those who are professional, educated, well …