Let's be honest and keep it real; when it comes to voting, we all know what our Rights are and we're always hearing VOTE VOTE VOTE...and we're made to feel obligated because of people before us, if you are African-American, such that there are people who risked their lives, made sacrifices, and fought for your Right To Vote.  Everyone gets all of that.  The problem I have when it comes time to vote is the dilemma as to who or what to vote for.  Take for instance the Fact that, according to an article I read at vogue.com,

So if you're anything like me regarding what the issues are and who the Candidates are, the link below may help sort things out for you as it's a guide regarding 'Everything You Need To Know About New York State's Primary Election Day.  

Use the button below on a website, provided by The League of Women Voters, which gives you even more specific info regarding the Primary Elections today.  All you need to do is input your address and zip code and you'll be linked to info you need like where and what time to vote for instance


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