As time draws closer for the parliamentary election in Egypt, tens of thousands of people are protesting the military led government – whom still has a strong hold on the country.

Protesters are fed up with the way that things have been handled by the nine month old government.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for Monday.

Now, from the view of my eyes; the Egyptian people are just not satisfied with the BS [of democracy] they have been fed, and they want to be in control of their nation. It appears they are seeking some form of republican government – the republican form of government we have here in America, or do we really have a democracy??? O_o

Occupy Wall Street sets up tents in a park, while the Egyptians just plain old says "نحن ، الشعب في مراقبة" ("We, the people are in control").

My msg to the Egyptians: "تبقي رأسك عاليا وقويا. إذا كنت لا نقف على شيء، وسوف يسقط لأي شيء!" ("Keep your head high and strong. If you do not stand for something, will fall for anything!")

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