Visiting Artpark for a Concert has to be the epitome of a diverse social and musical experience.  Races and cultures from all groups of people were there with no one noticing any differences.  Everyone was there for the same see AWB and The Ojays.

If you're planning to see a concert...PRAY that it's at Artpark ... the seating, sound, atmosphere, and venue are 2nd to none.

Here are some pics:

The Artpark Experience (Ojays 2019)

People will not dispute you or feel you're being rude if you attended the Ojays concert at Artpark and say that Eddie Levert didn't sound like himself.  The rumor was that he was suffering from laryngitis.

Although it was clear to everyone, including Levert himself that his voice was shot, he belted out songs with the same intensity as usual...nothing was stopping him from performing.

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