Stadium lights usually shine brightly on the star high school football players, but this time it's the cheerleaders who are in the spotlight! See what happened when the Burgard cheer team approached the ladies of East High School and what their coach has to say about their behavior! 


On Saturday, October 19, the Burgard High School football team scored a victory (46-0) over East High School. After the game, the East cheerleading coach, Ms. Cunningham, sent a note to Burgard principal Mr. Wiesinger, crediting his well-mannered cheerleading team, coached by Linda McGraw and Tina McCrea.

Imagine that! Instead of being a sore loser, East goes out of their way to praise Burgard. Read the letter below to see the Burgard cheer team's way of saying hello and setting the pace for positive relationships!

Dr. Mr. Wiesinger,

My name is Colleen Cunningham, I am East High School's cheerleading coach. I wanted to say a few nice things about your cheerleading team.

First, it's obvious that your girls are dedicated to the team; it is a big team, and their movements were sharp and coordinated, they looked uniform and together, and they were nice girls!

Your team approached the East cheerleaders at the beginning of the game and introduced themselves, and even gave them homemade cookies! What a way to build friendships and respect among the district's teams!

We sometimes get a bad reputation as city schools, and it's evident that your girls are trying to change that image to a positive one.

Kudos to you and your cheerleading coaches for putting together such a nice, sweet, disciplined group of girls.


Colleen Cunningham

P.S. The football team looked great, too!

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