If there is one that you can be sure is happening in Western New York during the fall, it has to be football.

From little leagues all over the region to the NFL, the sounds of helmets clanking can be heard in almost every neighborhood and park that hosts a game.

There is nothing quite like cheering on your favorite little league, high school, or college team playing on a Saturday morning or your favorite NFL team on Sunday.

Unfortunately, it seems that Buffalo High School football fans won't have the chance to do that anymore this season for one team in particular.

Buffalo's Burgard High School Forfeits The Remainder Of Its Season.

According to a News Channel 4 WIVB report, the Burgard Bulldogs have announced that their varsity football team is ending its season early.

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Google Maps

Three games into the 2023 season, the Bulldogs were 0-3, losing their first trio of games by more than 100 points combined. The team was shut out in two of their three games this year.

  • Week 1: Roy-Hart/Barker 31 - Burgard 0
  • Week 2: Iroquois 56 - Burgard 18
  • Week 3: Lake Shore 42 - Burgard 0

It seems that the team has decided to forfeit primarily due to the fact that they had a large number of injuries on the team, coupled with low numbers of boys joining the team this season. Based on those factors, school officials deemed ending the team's season early was best.

While the varsity team is done for the year, Burgard's JV team is due to play the balance of the season as scheduled.

Burgard, who had five more games remaining on its schedule, was set to play Dunkirk, Albion, WNY Maritime/Tapestry, Maryvale, and Lewiston Porter over the balance of the year. Those teams will all be awarded a 2-0 victory by current league forfeiture rules.

He's hoping that Burgard can bounce back next season.

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