The weather has been extremely hot and humid this summer across much of the country, including the State of New York.

Wednesday featured more hot and humid weather, as temperatures approached 90 degrees and we have already seen a few heavy thunderstorms since June.

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But now that the calendar says August, that means we are inching closer to the end of summer and the start of fall.

The official start of autumn does not arrive for another six-plus weeks, but we already have an outlook of what we can expect for the autumn season in 2022, here in New York State.

AccuWeather just released their fall 2022 weather outlook and some of the more notable things to watch out for are the early season frost and snow predictions.

For Western New York, there could be frost two weeks earlier than normal (late September, early October). This after a warmer than normal September.

The long range forecasters at AccuWeather are predicting significant early snowfall for a large portion of New York State, which is mostly located in central and upstate New York during the month of November.

This isn’t that unusual, to get early snow in November, but significant snowfall that early is noteworthy. It should be interesting to see just how warm the ground is at that point and how much accumulation we get.

Here in Buffalo, we always predict the worst when it comes to snowfall and early season snow (before Christmas) is more than likely on an annual basis.

Hopefully there isn’t a MAJOR snowstorm by November, but it’s best to prepare for the worst. Summer won’t last much longer.

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