Though it's still a little cold outside, it's always warming to me to see the Broadway Market prepare for the Easter Holiday rush, there has been some recent disappointment from vendors that have been seasonal booth holders because they were not invited back this year. Many Buffalonians have their favorite places to visit when they hit the Broadway Market, so that would probably be the only letdown for many people in my opinion.

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This weekend the Easter Shopping is beginning at the Broadway Market, the vendors will start setting up on March 6 and 13, and the full open schedule will kick into high gear on March 20 and run through April 3. There will be an entertainment schedule to be announced, and even the Easter Bunny is returning as well. Due to the pandemic, I'm sure there will be some safety precautions taking into consideration, but at least things are starting to get back to normal little by little.


I just visited the Broadway Markert with my kids, to show them some of my favorite things about the market and to see some of the new shops and vendors. I have found out going early does a couple of things for you, one is beating the crowd, and the other is sometimes, the independent vendors will be willing to give you a price break, especially if you buying a few things from them. However you choose to shop is your choice, but it's good to see local businesses get a chance to get back to making money.

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