[EDITOR'S NOTE: The video has graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers.]

Dramatic video of a police officer in Marana, Arizona running over a suspect who appears to have been armed is now hitting the Internet.  The dashcam video above was posted on YouTube by the Arizona Daily Star.

Specific details are still emerging about the February 19, 2015 incident but one thing is for certain.  It is further fueling the debate about the use of force, and the excessive use of force in law enforcement operations.

MetroSource reports that Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema reacted to the video yesterday and said that "...the officer did what he had to in order to combat a violent and dangerous situation."

The suspect was later identified as Mario Valencia.  Police say Valencia allegedly stole a rifle from a WalMart in Marana and fired the rifle as he walked away.

We will continue to follow this story and provide you with additional updates as the conversation continues.

The Marana Police Department has approximately 85 police officers.




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