Charleston Suspect Captured
Tragedy has struck in Charleston, SC, at the Historic Emanuel Church.  A gunman walked into a bible study meeting at the church and started shooting, killing nine including the pastor.
Police Run Over Suspect [VID]
Dramatic video of a police officer in Marana, Arizona running over a suspect who appears to have been armed is now hitting the Internet.  The dashcam video above was posted on YouTube by the Arizona Daily Star.
Specific details are still emerging about the February 19, 2015 incident but one thin…
community names shooter
Sunday afternoon, street thugs of New Orleans opened fire into a crowd of women and children celebrating Mother's Day! Now police have identified one of the gunmen who injured 19 people.
Police Shoot Suspect In Leg
WOW - just 2 weeks after we talked on-air about Police Shooting to Kill suspects armed with knifes, the Buffalo Police have figured out a way to detain a suspect armed with a loaded gun without killing him!
Batman Massacre Staged Terror?
My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the 71 men, women and children injured in theater 9.
With so much attention on this tragedy, we cannot underestimate the power of our collective vibrations. If we let F.E.A.R set every time we want to go to the movies, they win.
President Obama said the co…