When you think of Toronto rappers you think of Drake. And now, thanks to an announcement by the NBA this morning, when you think of the Toronto Raptors, you'll also think of Drake! Watch the video inside for details!

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Drake made two HUGE annoucements today.
1. Toronto, ON will host the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend
2. He is the newest executive for the Toronto Raptors Basketball Team.

In a Press conference interview, Drake shares his excitement.

"I'm extremely passionate about two things: my city and my family. Being up here with my new family, these gentlemen, I'm extremely excited."

He added,

"Everywhere I go, I preach the gospel that is Toronto...I can't wait for All-Star 2016," he said. "I'm here always for the city."

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Drake will serve as the "Global Ambassador" for the team, using his star power to help the team's re-branding efforts. He will also create a clothing line for the Raptors and put together high-profile events to attract crowds to the franchise.

It sounds like we will see more of this in the near future.