Best Viral Videos of 2016
2016 was somewhat of a year...definitely one that will never be forgotten as well as the year that changed EVERYTHING!  I can't quite give you any specifics because it's just TOO MUCH!  I just know that everything is and FEELS different.....
Should Buffalo Invoice Trump!
According to an Investigative Report conducted by WGRZ news, the Donald Trump Rally in Buffalo was the most expensive across the U.S. with respect to providing law enforcement.
Additionally, there are questions as to why Buffalo will not be sending Donald his own bill...
7 Necessities That Are Getting Cheaper in 2016
2015 was a great year for the United States economy and we are entering the brand new year full steam ahead. With the American dollar reaching new heights and gaining strength, lets look at 7 every day items that will see very low price drops and even record low prices in 2016...
January 19, 2016 Weather
GM!  Here's your Weather Forecast, according to The Weather Channel, for Buffalo, NY & Surrounding Areas!
Kanye Drops Track...
Kanye West - Facts (New 2016)
That's right, music fans. You heard right! Kanye West has NEW music out. The hitmaker released a new song yesterday, and in a somewhat unorthodox move the performer took the song as a chance to claim, "Nike treats people like slaves and opened the vault to…
Drake signs deal with Raptors
When you think of Toronto rappers you think of Drake. And now, thanks to an announcement by the NBA this morning, when you think of the Toronto Raptors, you'll also think of Drake! Watch the video inside for details!
Drake made two HUGE annoucements today...