Draya Michelle's baller boo Orlando Scandrick has been suspended from the NFL for the first four games after testing positive for drugs. "MDMA" a.k.a Molly was found in Scandrick's system after vacationing in Mexico with Draya.

Orlando says he didn't know how he ingested it and released this statement "I would like to apologize to my children, my family, the Jones family, my coaches, my teammates, and my fans". "Failing a drug test is out of my character, and although I never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug/banned stimulant while on vacation in Mexico, I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test".

The couple has since broken up and people began to speculate that Draya slipped Scandrick the drug into his champagne. However there are rumors floating around that the break up could just be a story line for a reality show they may be filming. Do you think Draya slipped him the molly or was it her cooking? She tweeted to clear her name: