Lupe Fiasco attacks rappers with Violent Lyrics. Rick Ross raps about drugging a date. Details Inside.

In the beginning was the word, by which Heaven and Earth were created.

So why do so many people defend negative rap lyrics as "Art Imitating Life" rather than acknowledging the power of the Spoken word as the powerful tool of creation that it is?

Rocko has a song called You Ain't Even Know It aka U.O.E.N.O featuring Rock Ross. The song was released last month, but I was just introduced to it yesterday. Ricky Rozay uses his 16 bars to promote Molly as a date rape drug! Don''t believe me? Just skip over to 2:08 to hear the lyrics for yourself. 

"Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it"...

Rick Ross is a date rapist and he ain't even know !

Lupe Fiasco recently took to Twitter to express his frustration over irresponsible rappers. Check some of his rants below. (Read them from the bottom Up)


He goes on to say:


After sending his thoughts out in the Twittersphere, many of Lupe's followers tried to rationalize violent lyrics in rap music. "It's Just Music" they say.

Why do we as a society accept that response. Why are we so entertained by negative things we see and hear in music and movies?

Mad props to Lupe Fiasco for going out on a limb for what he believes is right!

In Jay Z's "Moment of Clarity" he admits that positive messages in music today is not as profitable as rhymes glorifying money, sex and drugs aka that "Ignorant Sh*t" you like.

Let Jigga Explain in the track below off the American Gangsta Soundtrack.

So does Music Matter? Or is it just idle melodies that have no effect on your reality? Let us know below or @JazzyTOnAir