Why ‘Slow It Down’ this spring? Just say no to ‘Molly’…’Yuck’…who needs that?? 'I’d Rather Have Love,’ so if you're 'Ready,' let's jump into this week's NewTube presentation! The Bonus is a 'Banger'!

Welcome back to NewTube Thursday! This week, Fabolous, 2 Chainz, Tyga, The Dream and R&B Singer Joe and Earlly Mac bless us with vids from their new songs.

Fabolous - Ready (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

Fabolous has finally dropped the video for his hit single ‘Ready’. Although I am excited to see the video, I am disappointed to see that they kept the feminine clothing style that I pointed out a couple weeks ago. Also, in a behind the scenes clip, Kevin Hart was seen doing a little comedy piece in the beginning of the video, however, they seemed to have taken that out. How you going to keep the dress and get rid of Kevin?

2 Chainz - Yuck ft. Lil Wayne

Just like any other 2 Chainz song, it’s pretty catchy. The video is definitely interesting because of the different elements. They feature crazy lights and abstract angles, with fire, water and naked women…SMH. There seems to be an ongoing theme to have naked women in music videos starting with Robin Thicke. Hey...whatever floats their boat…Check it out!

Tyga – Molly

This video is crazy… I mean crazy in a good way. The video has lots of colors and backgrounds and also feature Tyga as half man half robot. It has a real futuristic feel and puts you in a fun atmosphere and makes you want to party! Check it out!

The Dream - Slow It Down (Explicit) ft. Fabolous

The Dream is back and in full effect with this one. The beat is hot! The song is hot! The vibe is hot! Fab on the track is hot! I’m a fan of The Dream and he is really doing his thing with this song. As far as the video goes…it’s ok. It’s a bit confusing but other than that I guess it follows the vibe of the song.

Joe - I’d Rather Have Love

Joe's voice back on the radio is a breath of fresh Spring Air!! This song gives you a beautiful, soulful vibe and speaks the truth to everyone out there! It gives you a feel good, nice weather, sun shining, cool breeze type of feel. Just makes you want to cuddle and hold the one you love.

Intern Meme contributed to this blog


Earlly Mac ft. Drey Skonie - BANG

First a word from Earlly Mac:

If you like Big Sean and that whole Detroit vibe, then your'e going to love Earlly Mac. He has a unique flow and is definitely going to hit it big soon enough!

The song was inspired by the Ghetto Tech aka "Booty Music" Classic "Banging the Beat" by my homie DJ Assault.

Bangin' The Beat