This is not a very popular game in the United States, but it can possibly become more popular in a local neighborhood on the east side of Buffalo. The game of cricket is played similarly to baseball with some differences. Cricket is played with a flat bat while your bat in baseball ball is round. The number of players on the field at one time on a cricket team is 11, in baseball, there are nine players on the field at once.

According to Dewey park now has a cricket diamond to play the game. A local cricket team the Central Park Sporting Club was the first team to try out the new field. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was in attendance to throw out the first pitch. This game, in my opinion, seems like it can be fun to play, but not so fun to watch if you don't know what's going on during the game.

What Are Some Other Differences?

One team scores as many points as possible by hitting the ball in the oval field. the team is out when there is no one left to bat for that team. Also, the ball in cricket can be red or white. Cricket also requires a lot of patience and skill.

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I think it would be a great idea for someone to teach this sport locally. The fact that something new is on the east side of Buffalo and can bring some new energy to that side of town is a very good thing. Check out how to play.

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