What do you think about the Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Eun meeting and situation? If you're not familiar with what's going on...the short version of the story is that Dennis Rodman is the 1st American to EVER meet North Korean President Kim Jong Eun who is a probably America's #1 Foe and has threatened repeatedly to develpo a Nuclear Weapon that will reach the United States.  Kim Jong Eun continues to test Nuclear Missiles despite the agreements and requests to refrain.

  • Is Dennis being "PLAYED"?
  • Will Dennis Rodman's meeting with the North Korean President Kim Jong Eun
  • Do You Agree With Dennis Rodman befriending a man who has been accused of condoning and promoting the killing of many people in his own country?
  • What do you think about this whole situation in general?

To even better familiarize yourself with what's going on, watch the video's below!!!!