This is insane to me and has me wondering if we will ever tackle mental health fully and be able to prevent issues like this? Well, I guess I should tell you the story first, right?

A 50 year old Port Charlotte man, Jeanwell Napolean, is accused of stabbing his wife several times in her left inner bicep, abdomen and lower back after the wife had called the pastor over to counsel the troubled couple.

From NBC 2:

“She said, honey I love you! And he said, honey I love you too,” said Andre Dalleman, the couple’s counselor who is also a Deacon at Eben-Ezer Church in Port Charlotte.

When deputies arrived to their house on Truval Terrace in Port Charlotte, they saw several people on the ground in their front lawn, including the victim who was bleeding.

They transported Marie Napolean to Bayfront Memorial by EMS then she was Bayflighted to Lee Memorial.

Dallemand says he was in their house before the stabbing happened and that Jeanwell Napolean wasn’t acting angry at all, although he kept talking about how Marie was going to leave him.

Another family friend, Cherisma Bordes, was called to the house, and when she arrived, that’s when Jean seemed very upset and said his wife was cheating on him.

“I didn’t expect anything like this to happen because she was caressing him talking about love,” said Dalleman.

That family friend then needed to move her car so the pastor could leave.

When that happened, the family friend heard screaming from inside the home. She went inside and Marie was screaming frantically and had blood stains on her shirt. Bordes said she saw Jeanwell Napolean holding a butchers knife to his stomach area.

Sick.. Just sickening...

The fact of the matter is that our culture is becoming sicker, creating an army of unstable people. Has it gotten to the point that counseling has become a not so reliable method of correction? Did this Pastor do everything he could to diffuse the situation? Or am I expecting too much?



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