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NFL Fines Kaepernick $11K
This is going to be the talk of the water cooler, San Francisco 49ers' QB, Colin Kaepernick, has been fined $11,000 for using 'n***a' on the field during last Sunday's battle with the Chicago Bears. Referees say that Kaepernick used the term during a small debacle with Bear'…
Minn. Gov. Speaks Out
The sports world hasn't been really about sports lately, it's been centered around small concentrated issues regarding some of the sport's world's top players. One of those players was Minnesota Viking's Pro Bowl Runningback Adrian Peterson who was arrested last week for child abuse charges. The cas…
Migos Brawl With Fan [VIDEO]
( This story serves as a reality check for all you fans who think it’s ok to attack your stars and people you look up to. A Nashville man understands that now after being laid out by the Migos for trying to steal their jewelry.
Daily Side Eye:
This is insane to me and has me wondering if we will ever tackle mental health fully and be able to prevent issues like this? Well, I guess I should tell you the story first, right?
A 50 year old Port Charlotte man, Jeanwell Napolean, is accused of stabbing his wife several times in her left inner bi…
Drake and Rihanna Break Up!
Judging by the pictures that I was seeing surfacing of the two, you can get a sense of the inequality between the two, a blind heartless woman can see that Drake is clearly way more into Rihanna than she is into him. That's always dangerous and a set up for a break up
Jay Z and Beyonce' Purchase London Town Home
Wow… One day me and my wife going to buy a $9 million house too, just in Thailand though because street racing is legal there and the tattoos are $15. 
According to UK’s Daily Mirror reports:
With Wills and Kate out of the country Down …