You send your child off to school with "have a good day now" followed by a hug and kiss and you're proud, pleased, and confident that all will go well...I mean, what could go wrong on a School Bus with Bus Patrons and  Buis Driver?  Now normal behavioral things COULD take place like, from a simple disagreement to something that could have escalated into a Full Blown Brawl...but there are adults there to prevent that from transpiring.

However, reality sets in when you realize that this is not 1950, and kids are a bit less inhibited these the extent that a Sixth -Grader brings a knife on the bus?  Now, of course, there are NO METAL DETECTORS or PAT DOWNS on a bus carrying children at this or ANY AGE for that matter...and there shouldn't be...we're talking SIXTH GRADERS in 2018...a Whole Different Story!!!

The incident reported on took place today near Clinton St. and Fillmore Ave. as the bus was headed to Hillery Park Academy according to News Reports


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