What in the world? Really?

Apparently it's firefighter procedure when tending to a highway emergency, to block oncoming traffic to ensure of the safety of the firemen.... Cool, makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is the highway patrolman's reaction to Firefighter protocol. Jacob Gregoir, 12 Year Firemen, parked the big firetruck, blocking the path of oncoming traffic as part of standard procedure. While these faithful firemen were tending to their business of being heroes, a over zealous highway patrol cop came up and asked the fire crew to move their rig to let oncoming traffic come through.

This is going to get foolish.

Gregoir explained to this imbecile of a police officer that it's standard procedure to park the truck blocking traffic in efforts to ensure the safety of the other firemen as they tend to saving lives. The police officer didn't like that response and he threw this man in handcuffs... IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EMERGENCY.

Side eye.


In a video, you can see the officer arresting Gregoir, who was still in his firefighter gear, and then place him into the back of the police cruiser. He was reportedly released from the car about a half hour later.

Needless to say, the officer’s actions weren’t well received by the community. Chula Vista Fire Department Chief Dave Hanneman conveyed, “To detain one of our firefighters in the middle of an incident is ridiculous. It doesn’t provide the good customer service, the good public service that both of our agencies are there to do.”

He also explained that Gregoir was doing as he was trained to do when he parked the fire truck the way he did. Hanneman then goes on to explain, “I know clearing the freeway is a priority for the CHP. Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our firefighters and patients.”

The police and fire departments have since released a joint statement acknowledging their failures in communication and respect regarding one another. The spokesperson relayed that the incident in which the officer used the authority of his position to arrest the fire fighter was unfortunate.

Please, if you have any experience in law enforcement or firefighting, please clear up this situation for me. I have trouble understanding the logic of this police officer. Wait... Mary jane is legal out there, maybe Officer Brilliant was inebriated...

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