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Brown's Probation Revoked
Superstar, Chris Brown, was indirectly involved in a shooting at a San Diego nightclub last weekend, 5 people were injured while he was performing. We now get reports that the judge presiding over his lingering abuse case on Rihanna is fearful over his, as well as people around him's, well bein…
Zimmerman to Jail?
You may remember him as the over zealous neighborhood watchman in Florida who took the life of Trayvon Martin, or you may remember him for getting acquitted of all charges in that case. Either way, he has been making headlines every since then going in and out jail.
NYPD Supporters Disrespectful?
NYPD Supporters incite much rage in supporters of Eric Garner, as they wear shirts that say "I CAN Breathe" at a protest on Friday in NYC. 
This weekend proved to be very eventful for the NYPD as protests still erupt across the country for recent accounts of police brutality...
'Backseat' E.J.
News broke yesterday that shook up the Buffalo sports world. Sources report that Coach Marrone has decided to bench starting Quarterback E.J. Manuel for this week's game against the Detroit Lions, and has given back up Quarterback and recent signee, Kyle Orton the green light to start this Sund…
Is Marriage Outdated? : Study Says Yes. What do you think?

Is this the goal anymore?
You don’t have to look far to see that times have certainly changed from the ‘good ole days’ that our parents talk about. A few decades ago, our people had Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable to look up to, promoting the importance of getting married and developing a family. Now,…
Muhammad Ali Secret Child?
This is something that will surely catch you off guard, Kiiursti Ali, Muhammad Ali's alleged secret love child, has come forward and wants to see her father as he has become as ill as he has. She also wants him to give her away at her upcoming wedding.

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