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Brown's Probation Revoked
Superstar, Chris Brown, was indirectly involved in a shooting at a San Diego nightclub last weekend, 5 people were injured while he was performing. We now get reports that the judge presiding over his lingering abuse case on Rihanna is fearful over his, as well as people around him's, well bein…
Zimmerman to Jail?
You may remember him as the over zealous neighborhood watchman in Florida who took the life of Trayvon Martin, or you may remember him for getting acquitted of all charges in that case. Either way, he has been making headlines every since then going in and out jail.
Terror in Nigeria
All eyes have been on Nigeria the past couple days as details of the Boko Haram crisis are beginning to start pouring in
Barkley Vs. Jordan?
Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan represent a different era in the NBA, a completely different time in sports. Surely, the two of them have been some of the closest colleagues, but Charles Barkley says that's over and here is why
Ludacris Marries Eudoxie The Same Day They Got Engaged!
This is amazing! Congrats are in order for Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and his bride Eudoxie. They are reporting that got engaged and married on the same day right before the new year!
TMZ reports:
Ludacris likes his proposals like he likes his movies … FAST AND FURIOUS … …

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