A lot of talk has been resurfacing about the hot topic of legalizing recreational marijuana in NYS. While Gov. Cuomo had hoped to include marijuana legalization in the budget in 2019, it didn't make the cut.

Hopefully it can make the cut in 2021 given that marijuana legalization has a 58% approval rating and a 38% disapproval rating in a Siena College Poll, per WKBW.

On the bright side, many New York state lawmakers seem more optimistic that the legalization will happen.

The hope from Gov. Cuomo's office is that legalizing marijuana will help close the $6 billion budget gap from soaring Medicaid costs.

Even Buffalo's Sen. Tim Kennedy has spoken out:

Right now there are states that are surrounding New York and the entire country of Canada that have legalized marijuana so it's time New York State catch up, do the right thing.

We shall see on April 1st of this year.

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