The return of winter weather and colder temps to Buffalo and Western New York has officials all over the region ringing the alarm for people who live in the 716. The weather is expected to have an impact on the day-to-day lives of people who live, work, and relax in Western New York.

A lake-effect snowstorm is expected to be coupled with extreme winds, making travel extremely difficult. Now, while ski resorts and other businesses that rely on snow are happy that snow is falling, other people have to adjust as winter reminds us all that it's here.

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Western New York has a persistent problem with homelessness throughout the region, and the area's rising rents have made it especially difficult for people to find safe and sustainable housing. Because of this, more people are living on the street than in past years.

With the colder weather looking like it will be fully entrenched in Western New York, folks struggling to find safe housing are especially in danger.

The City of Buffalo Issues A Cold Blue

With the pending blast of winter weather and extreme winds on the way for Western New York, the City of Buffalo has issued a Code Blue.

City of Buffalo
City of Buffalo

According to the WNY Coalition for the Homeless, a Code Blue is Erie County and the City of Buffalo's cold weather emergency safety plan that provides outreach, transportation, shelter, and a warm meal to individuals in our community who are unhoused on evenings when temperatures or wind chill falls to 32 degrees or below.

As the temperatures in Buffalo dip below freezing, officials are opening up daytime emergency warming centers and overnight shelters to allow people to come in from the cold. The Cold Blue shelter, located at 586 Genesee Street in downtown Buffalo, will be open from 8:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Other shelters across the region will also be open as the weather is expected to be extreme.

You can find more information about the Code Blue system and donate to help those in need here on the WNY Coalition for the Homeless website.

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