Community Program
The Youth Task Force has launched the “Be Counted…End Youth Homelessness” campaign to promote its second Youth Point in Time Count to find and count Buffalo’s homeless and couch-surfing youth to collect the data necessary to apply for funding to add…
An Encouraging Story for 2017
Homelessness can FIND anyone.  Losing a job, an unexpected health diagnosis, and many other things can lead to Homelessness ... almost OVERNIGHT!!!!  Homelessness is not reserved for a certain type of person, a person of a certain financial or social status ...
Cop Drags Homeless Woman
I'm beginning to wonder if Body Cameras will make any difference with respect to preventing inappropriate behavior on the part of Police Officers.
This video was captured via Police Surveillance Camera as an Officer brings a Homeless Woman in for Booking...
What Would You Do? [VIDEO]
YouTube personality Omar Gosh is well known for the pranks he plays on people, and he records their reactions. But this time, he decided to do something different.
The Homeless Wireless Hot Spot [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
When good ideas go wrong.... Welcome To The Big Dummy Files. The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is the person who came up with this idea. Here you have a homeless man walking around the SWSX music festival as a hotspot for wireless Internet...
Homeless Sly Stone Fearing for His Life?
There’s word that funk legend Sly Stone is homeless and living out of a van in parks in the Crenshaw neighborhood of LA. A retired couple is letting him use their shower and feeding him meals.