In a recent interview with Rolling Out, Cardi revealed that she never uses condoms.  While she is known for very real and raw approach and comments, this one did not sit well with the fans. 

"She finds a cleanser she can deal with and hops into the shower, before slipping into a bright-red spacesuit-inspired Milano di Rouge jumpsuit, complete with a yellow patch that reads "Safe sex saves lives," part of the designer's anti-HIV initiative. She glances at it and arches her eyebrows. "Girl," she says, "I don't even use a condom."
In the article she also talks about receiving a yeast infection from hotel soaps before.  
In an IG video earlier, she revealed that she does notice that a lot of young people look up to her, and Cardi ended the video on a hopeful note, vowing to be a positive influence on her young female fans.

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