The Town Rundown: Men’s Health Summit
This Saturday, February 8th from 12PM-4PM join Community Access Services for their FREE Men's Health Summit at the Delavan Grider Community Center 877 E. Delavan Avenue Buffalo Ny, 14215.
There will be a panel discussion and FREE confidential HIV Testing...
Buffalo: Bite Into This!
This lady was either high, desperate or just plain CRAZY!  Imagine working at Walmart and catching a Shoplifter "Red-Handed" and ending up losing part of YOUR HAND!
This story puts the "BITE" back into Crime!!!
Condoms In Buffalo Schools?
Here we go!!!!  It's hard enough for parents these days to keep their children focused and held accountable for things they SHOULD NOT BE DOING, as physical discipline is pretty much a thing of the past.... unless a parent is "sneaking in a spanking" and hoping he / she d…