Travel tip: If you ever go to Brazil, do not illegally park your car in a handicapped spot.

If you don't trust us, just watch what happened to that guy's ride. We've never seen a car completely covered in what looks like Post-It notes -- like, Post-It notes piled 10 deep, that is. And man, they are ALL OVER that dude's car. If he wasn't such a douche for parking there in the first place, we might feel bad for him as we watch him angrily try to rip off enough just so that he can see out the windshield.

And we particularly love how as the guy gets angrier and angrier, as he has to repeatedly get into and out of his car just to scrape off ever more Post-It notes, the crowd cheers louder and louder. You can absolutely feel the guy's rising frustration and embarrassment.

It's an impressive feat, a work of art even, the way they also design it so that the handicapped sign appears large on the driver's-side door. They cover the tires, the roof, everything. Seriously, how long does this sort of thing take? And what would happen if the guy came back to his car when they were halfway through? That would be fairly awkward.

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