According to news accounts, the lady pictured below allegedly stole a credit card and used it to buy $2000.00 worth of Gift Cards.  The news report says the lady stole a credit card from a wallet inside of a Sam's Club customer's purse and proceeded to go to CVS and buy $2000 worth of  Gift Cards.

If you know this 'Non-Caped Credit Card Crusader' (yes folks, she did not have a cape on but she did have an identifiable floral blouse on...with no mask) please dial Detective Vogel at 716-686-3546.

Also, here's a Gift Card scam thieves are going to be using during the Holiday Season, according to the news video below.  Here's how it works (at least this is one way thieves are thriving and operating:

This scam is nothing new.  Watch this news video that talks about this exact same type of scam dating all the way back to 2015.

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