The phrase, "I'm Burned-Out" has just been given new significant meaning, according to News Sources.  It is now an actual Clinically Diagnosed Condition.  Here's how Burn-Out is defined in Websters Dictionary as:

In my opinion, this decision to deem 'Burnout' a Clinical Diagnosis, opens the door to all types of possibilities.  Can students, at whatever grade level, cry 'BURN0OUT' now and not have to go to school?  Does this decision to make 'Burn-Out' a Clinical Diagnosis open the door for new EXPENSIVE medication?   Will marijuana legalization be blamed for the condition since marijuana is a depressant, according to certain sources:
Marijuana is largely viewed as a depressant because it slows down messages that travel between the body and brain. It can calm nerves, relax tense muscles and lower inhibitions.
Hmmmm...I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this decision impacts our world today as Burn-Out is now a Medical Issue.  This could prove very dangerous with respect to people abusing the diagnosis just to skip out of work or school.

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