Buffalo clothing brand 'I'm Livin B' is making some major moves!

"We got to let these people know that Buffalo is not some small town that doesn’t have talent. We got a lot of things going on.” ~ Eric Rawls

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The line, founded by Buffalo native Eric Rawls, has storefronts in Buffalo and Charlotte now, as well as it's online store. According to WIVB, the brand earned $100,000 in sales in 24 hours! Eric told Channel 4 that he started selling the brand out of the trunk of the car when he first started. Now, celebs like Torey Lanez and Alexis Skyy are rockin' the brand.

The Buffalo store is located at 2931 Delaware Ave in Kenmore. The Charlotte store is located at 3010 Monroe Road, Suite 103. You can shop online at https://www.imlivinbshop.com.

“I’m living B, it was just a saying that my friends and I were always saying around the neighborhood. Then I would put it up on Twitter and it would get a lot of retweets and I thought ok what does that mean.” ~ Eric Rawls

Credit: WIVB

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