This is no surprise to anyone who lives in Buffalo or Western New York ... A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY.  There's really no need to advise anyone here that Winter Weather is coming...WE CAN SEE IT!  The snow is coming down as if it's been held up in the heavens for months.  The thing that amazes me is that there is no just started out of the blue...FULL STEAM AHEAD.  There was no little sprinkling of snow, there was no weird cloud...just BOOM...SNOW.

Here's how WGRZ Storm Team 2 is describing what's going on RIGHT NOW:

BUFFALO, NY-- — A very complex weather pattern is taking shape over Western New York that will last through early Sunday. A mix of snow and rain will transition to lake effect snow Saturday and some areas could see heavy snow at times. For that reason a Winter Weather advisory has been issued for most of Western New York for late Friday into Saturday as some snowfall rates could approach 1 to 2” per hour. The snow will not last long, which will limit totals.

Here's what to expect for the rest of 2018 into 2019 (according to WGRZ Storm Team 2:

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