The outpouring of love and support for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has been unprecedented.

All over the country, you can find people wearing the number 3, putting up a heart made of hands, and donating millions of dollars to Hamlin's charity Chasing Millions.

The support has been almost universal everywhere you but, but it's nowhere more apparent than right here in the 716.

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With Hamlin being a Buffalo Bill and the special relationship that Western New York has with its football team, it has been nothing less than awe-inspiring the energy that has been coming out of the Buffalo area. I saw it myself firsthand while I was at the New England vs Buffalo game that happened today at Highmark Stadium.

There were all sorts of Buffalo love swirling around the 716 as the game begin and thanks to one Buffalo man, the world got to see a glimpse of what Hamlin and Buffalo is all about in a video he produced that aired on the NFL Network on Sunday, January 8, 2023.

Gus Clarke, known to others as Slim Gus, is a Buffalo born DJ, diretor, and Emmy Nominated film maker who has been making films for years. He started out making music videos and other short films before moving to Los Angeles to strike it big.

Clarke, who often desribes himself as just a kid from the East Side of Buffalo, goes out of his way to represent Buffalo and takes film making to the next level.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around it at all, but after we hung up, I shed so many tears of joy. You know I had to call all my close friends and family after I ran through the house yelling and clapping my hands. Days later, I’m just as happy.
-Gus Clarke while speaking to WBLK's Redd Roxx

We know more good things are coming for Buffalo.

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