There is little doubt that Buffalo's QB1 is a special talent that Brandon Beane and crew made a good choice when they selected Joshua Patrick Allen with the 7th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

Since picking the scrappy kid from Firebaugh, California, the Bills have seen a resurgence in the NFL and are considered a top team by many around the league, both pundits and fans alike.

The Josh Allen Era Has Been Good For The Bills

Since drafting the JA17, the Bills have soared to heights the team hasn't seen since Jim Kelly was QB1. Since 2018, the Bills have won 4 straight AFC East Titles and a winning record every year since 2019.

This, of course, has helped Buffalo achieve new highs as a team.

However, not everything is good at One Bills Drive.

Remember, The NFL Changed The Rules Because Of Josh Allen

It wasn't long ago that the Bills' terrible loss in Kansas City caused the NFL Rules Committee to change how the NFL plays some games.

In 2022, the NFL changed its Sudden Death Overtime rules to ensure each team has a fair shot at scoring before a winner is declared. This rule change, of course, was spurred by the 2021 AFC Championship game, where Kansas City beat the Bills 42-36 in overtime, and the Bills never had the chance to have the ball on offense.

This, unfortunately, still didn't help the Bills as they lost a tough game against the Eagles in Philadelphia 37-34.

Josh Allen Is Now 0-6 In Overtime Games

For the 6th time in his career and the 2nd this season, the Buffalo Bills have lost a close game in overtime.

In fact, the last time the Buffalo Bills won an overtime game was December 10, 2017, when the Bills beat the Indianapolis Colts 7-6 in Orchard Park at Highmark Stadium.

The pundits didn't hesitate one bit to remind everyone that JA17's overtime record is on par with Roger Dorn's batting average.

The Bills need to do something fast because the season is not going well at all. At this point, it is clear that it's a coaching problem we're dealing with.

Josh Allen's Overtime Record

Josh Allen has performed exceptionally well as a Buffalo Bill, in fact, QB1 has done many things for Buffalo while in a Bills uniform, however, there is just one thing that he just cannot seem to do. Winning in overtime continues to elude JA1.

In his 6 overtime games, Allen has achieved a combined stat line of 145 of 272 for 1,805 yards, earning 10 Touchdowns and 7 Interceptions, with another 470 yards rushing and 3 rushing Touchdowns.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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Every Fine Faced By The Buffalo Bills So Far In 2023

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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