There is a saying that most people from Western New York know that just anywhere you go, you will find a Buffalo connection. If you need some proof that this saying was true, then you didn't need to look any further than the 45th Annual Sports Emmy Awards that took place on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York Cities Lincoln Center.

Two Buffalo natives were on hand at the Emmy's to win the Dick Schaap Outstanding Writing Award for a short story written by Jillian Hanesworth and directed by Augustus Clarke for the NFL 360 documentary Still Here.

This documentary story, produced by The NFL Network for the Buffalo Bills, highlights the relsiceny that Buffalo had shown in aftermath of several heartbreaking events that marred Buffalo throughout 2022. From the May 14th, to the nearly 50 people to died in the Blizzard of 2022, Buffalo was hit hard and knocked down, but got back up and stood tall afterwards.

This speaks to the title of the piece written by Hanesworth, Still Here.

This Emmy win marks the first for Hanesworth and the second for Clarke, both of whom have been making big names for themselves in Buffalo and beyond.

Hanesworth, an award-winning writer, is Buffalo's inaugural Poet Laurette. She was nominated for the position in 2021 and held it until the end of 2023. Jillian's name is well known around the nation as one of the most talented voices for progress and change we've seen. Hanesworth's work is currently on display at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum until the end of 2024.

Clarke, who is known by many as Gus, has been showing the entire world his quality as a director and film maker for years. This award marks his second Emmy in his career, and we're confident there are more to come.

The 45th Annual Sports Emmy Awards
The 45th Annual Sports Emmy Awards

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