As Western New York begins to dig out from Winter Storm Gerri and all the snow it dumped on the area, officials from all government areas have been gathering and discussing the response that has come out from the storm.

At the height of the storm, many areas of Erie and Niagara counties were experiencing near-zero visibility and whiteout conditions. While this storm may not have hit the technical definition of a blizzard, there were blizzard-like all over the region.

That was apparent in the areas that were hit the hardest by the snow bands as they osculated in Western New York and traveled from the southtowns into the city and northtowns and back to the south. At points, you could be standing directly in front of Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park and not actually be able to see the stadium. Those conditions were repeated all over, including South Buffalo, West Seneca, Hamburg, and countless other places.

Those conditions necessitated the need to implement a driving ban, and while there are people who truly dislike them, it's clear from the conditions on the roads that it was the right decision for many.

Travel Bans In Buffalo and Other Parts Of Erie County Being Lifted

As weather conditions improved early during the day on Sunday, January 14, 2024, officials began lifting travel bans. It first started with parts of the southtowns, followed by the far northtowns like Amherst and Tonawanda. That left bans in effect in the City of Buffalo, and other parts of the southtowns, as conditions there were still untenable.

Now, as things have improved into the evening, officials feel secure to remove further driving restrictions starting at 6 am on Monday, January 15, 2024. This includes the City of Buffalo and most of Erie County.

While the ban is being lifted in most of the county, the driving ban remains in effect for the towns of Cheektowaga and Lancaster, along with the city of Lackawanna. In addition, all of the major highways are also remaining closed for the near future. This includes I90 and I190, along with Routes 5, 219, and 400.

While the driving ban is being lifted in many areas in the region, they still recommend people take care if they have to travel and only travel if necessary.

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