Travel Ban

Poison Policies?
Toronto schools are halting future trips to the U.S. due to Trump's travel ban! Do you think we'll see more countries keeping their citizens out of our country because of Trump's policies? Get the details and vote!
Transgender Bathroom POLL!
North Carolina has issued a travel ban relative to travel to North Carolina due to a North Carolina law, which bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities. According to News Reports, this "Travel Ban" applies to all New York State agencies, departments, boards and commissions requiring them to have all travel to North Carolina immediately rev
Driving Ban Means DRIVE?
Well it's going on DAY 4 of being "SNOWED-IN" and if you live anywhere in or around Buffalo you've most definitely seen the News Reports instructing people to STAY OFF OF THE ROADS....due to the DRIVING BAN!!!! Most people have observed the BAN but some apparently think it's a JOKE and think they can "make it"...