South Buffalo

Buffalo WWII Hero Honored
According to News Reports, Buffalo Native, Lieutenant-Commander C. Wade McClusky of South Buffalo was honored with a sculpture and a plaque for his heroic service almost 70 years ago in The Battle of Midway in WWII..
The unveiling of the sculpture happened at the Buffalo Naval Park today with&nb…
Buffalo Trump / Noose Display
I'm not falling for it and I'm completely offended.
A South Buffalo man, and Trump supporter, has chosen to display noose in his front yard accompanying his TRUMP / PENCE Political Yard Signs!  A Local TV Station interviewed the South Buffalo man and he claims the noose is simply a ≈…
This is unreal...and it happened in our own City!!! A man who is described as a 30-40 Year-Old White Male, with dirty blond hair & stubble, wearing an Army Fatigue Top is the suspect in a Rape that took place in Broad Daylight in South Buffalo...
Local MMA Fighter Vows Win!
While riding down Seneca Street yesterday on a BEAUTIFUL 60+ degrees day, I encountered a guy jumpin around with his shirt off... I had to stop and ask... and here's what happened!!!!!
Driving Ban Means DRIVE?
Well it's going on DAY 4 of being "SNOWED-IN" and if you live anywhere in or around Buffalo you've most definitely seen the News Reports instructing people to STAY OFF OF THE ROADS....due to the DRIVING BAN!!!!
Most people have observed the BAN but some apparently think it…