Who can forget Martin Gugino? The Buffalo protester that was pushed to the ground and badly injured by a Buffalo Police officer. Martin Gugino, who is 75-year-old, remains in the hospital, according to TMZ. Mr. Gugino has received more than 1,000 messages of support from people all around the world, including handwritten letters and even some gifts too. Here's how you can help too.

Hospital bills are mounting up for Martin Gugino, According to TMZ, A  Go-fund-me account has been set up for Mr. Gugino. Kelly Zacrone, Martin Gugino's Attorney says,

He has been in June 4th. Initially, Martin didn't authorize any GoFundMe accounts, but Martin's changed his tune since then, because he now realizes that he'll need all the help he can get to help cover his medical and recovery cost.

There are two official GoFundMe accounts and cover his medical expenses. According to TMZ. I hope Martin Gugino recovery is speedy and painless as possible, peaceful protest are always warranted, in my opinion this is a very unfortunate situation and if anything good comes out of it to help the cause, that would be great.

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