This is such a heart-warming story about 11-Year-Old Jack Powers in Shrewsbury, Missouri.  According to WIVB, Jack is choosing to put his sentiments about the George Floyd murder, and the Black Live Matter movement, into action rather than just the spewing out the phrase...Black Lives Matter.

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As you saw in the CBS News video, Jack's friend and neighbor's Mom, April Strelinger said her son was inspired by Jack mand wanted to help.

“There’s been a lot of change, flux and hardship. So, to see Jack’s poster and find a helper, it actually opened up a great conversation with my son about how he can be a helper. It was a beautiful thing.”

This is the kind of attitude it will take for people to come together as one unit to fight for equality and significance for all races that make up the unity upon the Unites States is supposed to promote.

Here's a link to a number of efforts aimed at raising money for Black Lives Matter:

Black Lives Matter Art


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